Tuesday 9 November 2010

Space-saving PCB connectors are rugged and flexible

Harting's new har-flex connector series is a space-saving, rugged and flexible PCB connector for the widest range of board-to-board and board-to-cable applications.

The har-flex product family includes a number of straight connector models as well as compatible insulation displacement connectors and angled models.

It is designed to offer PCB designers the greatest possible flexibility in the use of increasingly size-sensitive and cost-intensive PCB resources. Based on a 1.27-mm grid, the har-flex product family offers customers all even-numbered models from 6 to 100 pins.

For mezzanine applications, the series has straight models in four different stack heights that allow parallel PCB distances between 8 and 13.8 mm to be bridged.

For surface-mount applications, the har-flex connector family is delivered in tape-and-reel packaging. All devices undergo 100% coplanarity testing, and are designed for standard fitting with 'pick & place' pads to guarantee a simple, fully automatic and reliable assembly process.

With the complete har-flex product family, they offering diverse solutions for all board-to-board applications that need a space-saving connection with the rigorous combination of simple, automatic and efficient fabrication and the highest quality requirements.

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