Tuesday 23 November 2010

Sustainable electronics

On the occasion of the first “Electronics Day” held during the Sustainability Summit Sessions, 2010, On Publishing S.A. announced the Advisory Board of the Sustainable Electronics Manufacturing (SEM) Working Group, a global think-tank involving all segments of the electronics industry, to promote a paradigm shift in supporting a legacy of environmental stewardship.
An advisory board of key players in the industry has been created and these
luminaries will contribute to steering the focus of the SEM Working Group’s
initiatives throughout the coming year.

Advisory Board
* Andre Papoular, CEO, Assembléon
* Dongkai Shangguan, VP Technology & Engineering, Flextronics International
* Fern Abrams, Director of Government Relations and Environmental Policy,
IPC Association
* Jean-Yves Gomez, CEO, Isorg
* André Myny, Managing Director, Koh Young Europe
* Renato Di Stefano, Energy Manager, ST Microelectronics
* Joseph Fjelstad, President, Verdant Electronics

“We met today to pose a fundamental question to all players involved in electronics manufacturing: Can a cost-driven industry go green?” said Sophie B. de la Giroday, organizer of the Electronics Day. “The SEM Working Group will advocate for a new philosophy where environmental policies are not only adopted passively by the manufacturers to comply with regulations, but embraced actively as a smart instrument for competitiveness.”

The SEM Working Group is an industry-wide initiative, involving key international publications, events and associations to collaborate on and support a radical change in the paradigms of electronics manufacturing. It invites the players of the electronics industry to voluntarily embrace environment-friendly measures for the sake of driving the market while preserving the planet through sustainability.

Among the media partners, events and supporting organizations registered to date: Sustainability Magazine, OnBoard Technology, EMSnow!, PLUS, PCB Magazine, Global Identification, ID WORLD, Sustainability Summit, SMT/Hybrid/Packaging, IMAPS (International Microelectronics & Packaging Society).

Calendar of Events
In 2010 and 2011, the SEM Working Group goes live with a number of initiatives in Europe and the US. The provisional calendar of events is as follows:
  • SEM Working Group Appointment in Las Vegas, on the occasion of Apex-IPC, April 12 - 14.
  • May 4, 2011: "Electronics Day" - Second Event of the SEM Working Group, on the occasion of SMT, Nuremberg
  • November 2011: SEM Working Group Appointment in Munich on the occasion of Productronica 2011.
The aim of this series of appointments is to provide an opportunity for high-caliber networking and sharing of top-level know-how between the movers and shakers of a new environment-friendly initiative, created to offer vision and leadership so that one of the most important industries world-wide can reduce its carbon footprint and environmental impact by deciding to embrace eco-friendly measures voluntarily, as useful instruments for its own competitiveness.

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