Friday 26 November 2010

DIN rail amplifiers

Feature packed DIN rail signal amplifiers from RDP
RDP Electronics low profile DR7AC DIN rail mounted amplifiers are designed to provide excitation and signal amplification for LVDTs and a wide range of other inductive transducers. Compatible with most full bridge strain gauge transducers is the DR7DC strain gauge amplifier version.

The DR7AC and DR7DC are compactly packaged for DIN rail mounting, offering particular benefit to systems integrators and machine builders. System engineering and earth loop problems are significantly reduced thanks to full isolation between the DC supply side (9 to 36V) and the amplified output with low noise levels.

Offering transducer excitation options of 1 or 3 volts RMS, at either 3kHz or 5kHz carrier signal excitation, there is a choice of a full range output of either ±10 V or 4~20 mA from switched selectable input signal levels ranging from 20 mV to 4 V RMS. The DR7AC and DR7DC amplifiers enjoy excellent thermal stability, with a dynamic response which is flat from static to 250Hz. Due to their wide range of supply capability both models can operate from a range of supplies that includes batteries, road vehicle supplies as well as the usual factory 24V supply.

RDP are advertisers in the current (Oct/Nov'10) issue of Read-out.

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