Tuesday 30 November 2010

Data acquisition system with USB 2.0 connectivity

The new DAQ interfacing unit brings the convenience of USB 2.0 connectivity to the widely used Kistler DynoWare data acquisition system.  The new unit has been designed specifically to provide a reliable and flexible interface between piezoelectric sensors and the Windows based DynoWare data acquisition and evaluation software.
The compact DAQ unit supports up to two multi-channel charge amplifiers with a sampling rate of up to 1,000 kS/s, depending on the total number of channels.  The system integrates a 28 channel, 16-bit analogue to digital converter (ADC) for high resolution sampling, trigger functions and an RS-232 interface to control the charge amplifiers and signal conditioners.
The new DAQ system provides a convenient and easy to install method of interfacing piezoelectric measuring chains and associated charge amplifiers and signal conditioners with the DynoWare software running on a PC under Windows® Vista or Windows® 7.  The excellent resolution and high sampling rate allows highly dynamic processes to be measured and evaluated.

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