Friday 19 November 2010

Water certificate

YSI Inc. tells us that following extensive trials conducted by the Environment Agency of England and Wales (EA), the company's Professional Series portable water quality monitors were awarded an MCERTS certificate at WWEM 2010.

MCERTS is the EA's Monitoring Certification Scheme which is designed to assure the quality and reliability of environmental measurements. MCERTS is comprised of a number of different schemes, one of which applies to instruments that are employed in the continuous monitoring of water, which includes samplers, flow meters and online water quality monitors.

YSI was presented with an MCERTS certificate for the 6 series sondes in 2008 and the new certificate significantly expands the range of MCERTified equipment now available from YSI.

Summarising the company's reaction to the MCERTS award, YSI executive vice president Gayle Rominger, said, "Our customers rely on YSI instruments to perform accurate reliable environmental monitoring so we are naturally delighted to receive such authoritative third party recognition.

"The fact that we were the first company to receive an MCERTS certificate for a multiparameter instrument demonstrates our intention to remain a leader in this field and we are naturally delighted to now have certificates for both online and portable water quality monitors."

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