Monday 8 November 2010

Music for musings!

New engineering manufacturer’s glog offers chance to win an iTunes voucher

Steve Sargeant, Managing Director of LCM Systems, is giving away a free iTunes vouchers for the most amusing British export story submitted to his new blog A Manufacturers Musings.

The blog was started this summer and is a collection of opinions and thoughts on various issues affecting British manufacturers. The latest entry talks about the pitfalls of the export market and cites a number of examples of the frustrations that go hand in hand with selling to global industry. Steve is encouraging fellow manufacturers and buyers to add their stories and solutions for tackling some of these issues. The craziest export story posted on the blog will receive an iTunes voucher, courtesy of LCM Systems.

Other blog entries include pieces on whether we should use the term telemetry or wireless, whether engineers are open to marketing messages sent through to their mobile phones and a discussion on why there is a technology lag between load cells and pressure transducers.

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