Thursday 11 November 2010

Fieldbus training week!

ProfiBusUK’s Competence Centre at MMU will be presenting a Certified ProfiBus Training week from 6 - 10th December. Following a new modular format designed to help candidates reach their fullest potential in just a week, the schedule covers the Certified ProfiBus Installer course, the Commissioning & Maintenance module and finally the Certified ProfiBus Engineer Course. Day 3 focuses on system design, for which the Installer module is prerequisite. Each course can be taken individually or as part of the full set, depending on the candidates' existing qualifications and ability.

This will be the last opportunity to take a scheduled Certified ProfiBus Engineer course at MMU before next March.  To register, contact Ann in Admin or tel: +44 207 193 8018

More about the courses
Certified PROFIBUS Installer Course
An essential course for electrical engineers and technicians needing to upgrade their skills to include fieldbus installation. This one-day, hands-on course teaches the design, installation and testing of complete PROFIBUS networks including DP, PA and optical fibre technology. Covering bus layout and termination, grounding rules and practices, the course will teach delegates how to avoid common, but potentially expensive, installation problems.

PROFIBUS Commissioning & Maintenance Course
A one-day course designed as an add-on to the Certified PROFIBUS Installer Course. Covering the practical techniques of faultfinding on “operational” PROFIBUS networks. Techniques taught on the course include the use of a modern PROFIBUS analyser and Class-II master (engineering tool) to diagnose network faults, device faults and I/O problems. Students also learn how to use a soft digital storage oscilloscope in conjunction with these tools to diagnose and accurately locate cable, connection and device faults.

Certified PROFIBUS Engineer
Engineers wishing to build their careers around PROFIBUS in either industrial or process automation, companies wanting to benchmark their technical staff or consultants seeking a recognised professional qualification in industrial and process networking can now train for an internationally-recognised qualification as a Certified PROFIBUS Engineer. The Certified PROFIBUS Installer Course is a pre-requisite for attending this course.

MMU has also published its 2011 Training Schedule covering Certified PROFIBUS and PROFINET Engineer and Installer, Commissioning and Maintenance, System Design, Product Development, Wireless, CoDeSys, Basic and Certified OpenPLC and Certified AS-Interface courses throughout the year. Details of accredited ProfiBus and ProfiNet training courses are listed on the site.

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