Friday 21 May 2010

Important strategic marketing decision to increase presence in Korean market

GreenPeak teams up with ProGate in Korea

GreenPeak Technologies, a leading fabless semiconductor company in the wireless sensor and controller networking space, announced that it will further increase the company’s presence in the Korean market by teaming up with ProGate Technology.

“ProGate has a deep understanding of the consumer electronics sector in Korea and is ideally positioned to further expand our sales and support presence.” said Frans Frielink, VP Business Development of GreenPeak Technologies. “We selected ProGate because of their technology leadership, top-notch support and excellent reputation in the consumer electronics market space. We will be able to work more efficiently with our customers to help them design and market new and competitive RF products.”

By further expanding GreenPeak’s operations in South Korea, the company has the unique opportunity to establish itself in one of its most important and strategic geographical markets, where the demand for RF applications in consumer electronics has grown significantly and hence holds exciting future potential. With uniquely differentiating technical features at competitive prices appealing to the consumer electronics market, GreenPeak is becoming especially attractive to the major Korean electronics design companies.

Soo Chul Kim, President & CEO at ProGate said, “We are very pleased to partner with GreenPeak. Consumer electronics firms have long desired RF in their remote control designs, but that has been too expensive in the past. We believe that GreenPeak’s ZigBee RF4CE communication controllers can overcome this objection and will allow a swift lift-off in the consumer electronics industry. We are looking forward to a long and prosperous partnership.”

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