Wednesday 12 May 2010

Water training workshops for Ireland

Specialist electrochemical sensor manufacturer Analytical Technology is hosting a number of water training workshops in Ireland. The free-of-charge sessions, which are aimed at councils and contractors in Ireland, will include advice on clean water processes including static mixing and chlorine dosing points, as well as training on the full range of Analytical Technology instrumentation.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Ireland has stressed that parameters such as chlorine and turbidity should be measured in all Irish councils, which will require the installation and maintenance of new monitoring instrumentation. It is therefore essential that councils understand these requirements and how to achieve compliance. Analytical Technology's workshops will provide advice on implementing processes and instrumentation to comply with new requirements, particularly focusing on how to minimise costs in the current economic climate.

As one of the largest suppliers of water and wastewater monitors to the Irish market, Analytical Technology is ideally placed to advise the industry on best practice in light of new requirements. The sessions will cover portable measurement of chlorine and other parameters within a network, battery-powered instruments using solar power, static mixing and 'contact' time for dosing HOCL (chlorine), advice on best points for chlorine injection, checking filter efficiency with a turbidity monitor, reducing power by keeping sensors clean, reducing water/power & pollutants when monitoring and eliminating the need to use buffers.

Dr. Michael Strahand, General Manager Europe at Analytical Technology, comments: "Our presence in Ireland has grown significantly, thanks to strong support from councils and contractors. We are pleased to be able to use our expertise to advise companies in the water industry on adapting to changing requirements from the EPA."

Analytical Technology's training workshops will be held throughout May and June 2010.

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