Thursday 27 May 2010

Compact, low maintenance hydrogen generator

Quick and easy gas generation is now available at Quantitech with the new LNI Schmidlin range of Gas Generators.

The H2-FID hydrogen generator is ideal for operation with flame ionization detectors (FID), providing a source of pure hydrogen fuel gas at up to 10.5 Bar that compares well with cylinder gas.

The small contained volume (less than 40 ml) also makes the H2-FID safe for operation in spaces where hydrogen cylinders are restricted and an automatic shut down procedure places the unit on standby in the event of any internal error.

The latest solid Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) technology available means that users of the H2-FID only require pure water (distilled / deionised) for trouble free long-term operation.

Dominic Duggan, Quantitech’s Sales Director, said: “Infrequent, inexpensive service requirements make the H2-FID a perfect choice for emission monitoring companies, especially where shipping or site use of cylinders is a problem. The LNI gas generator range will also prove popular with laboratories, for example to provide carrier gas for gas chromatography (GC) instruments. “We believe that the elimination of cylinder shipping, handling and refilling combined with no flammable, high pressurised gas storage will also appeal to our customers.”

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