Wednesday 26 May 2010

Integrated enclosure manufacturing

How can the process times be reduced in the entire product engineering process in order to reduce costs? This is a question that is often asked in enclosure manufacturing, with the answer lying in the cross-discipline meshing of engineering, manufacturing and commissioning.

Enclosure manufacturing begins with the schematic that is designed comfortably in EPLAN Electric P8. Complete parts data such as enclosures and devices can be selected rapidly from the EPLAN Data Portal or via product configurators. The system automatically generates corresponding device, terminal and wiring lists providing information about components, connection points or wiring cross-sections. This electrical engineering documentation, taking into account existing manufacturer data and the housing with all its accessory parts, is configured in EPLAN Cabinet as a 3D prototype.

The 3D model allows enclosures to be dimensioned, set up and checked, virtually instead of physically, long before the enclosure is manufactured. This ensures correct design data, exact planning and rapid implementation of the projects. Information about cut-outs and recesses as well as for holes and threads is transferred from the 3D model and fed through corresponding NC interfaces directly into the machining centre. Optimised cutting lists for NC-supported cutting technologies can be generated simply from the 3D data and will ensure precise fitting cable ducts and mounting rails. In addition all the advantages of automated wire preassembly take effect.

An integrated 3D routing function determines the best possible routing as well as the required conductor lengths within the enclosure. Completely preassembled conductors can then be rapidly installed. With this comprehensive design approach using EPLAN Electric P8 the entire product engineering process becomes faster, leaner and less expensive.

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