Friday 21 May 2010

New online video for interchangeable mercury analyser

A video demonstration illustrating the rapid conversion of the unique Hydra mercury analyser, from liquid samples to direct analysis of solid samples has been published by Quantitech, a leading supplier of environmental monitoring instrumentation.

The Hydra II and the Hydra C, from Teledyne Leeman Labs, are interchangeable and designed to suit all mercury analysis requirements. As a result, this allows for both Atomic Absorption and Atomic Fluorescence detection in liquid samples (Hydra II by Cold Vapour), and solids (Hydra C by Thermal Decomposition).

Uniquely the Hydra platform remains in place allowing the user to interchange sample introduction and/or the detector. This versatility reduces the need for two separate analysers; saving considerable costs in the process.

The switch-over takes just a few minutes and can be viewed online their website by clicking on ‘Teledyne Leeman Atomic Absorbance Mercury Analyser’ on the Product List.

Dr Gareth Pearson, Quantitech’s Technical Sales Specialist, said: “The conversion process, as the video demonstrates, is extremely simple and very quick. The ability to undertake this conversion truly makes the Hydra range unlike any other mercury analyzer in the world.”
Additionally, all of the Hydra mercury analysers are equipped with the same powerful yet easy to use Windows-based software, permitting custom report generation and data manipulation.

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