Friday 14 May 2010

Networks in cranes

CANopen in cranes and other lifting equipment

CANopen is one of the most used standardized networks in cranes and other lifting equipment including aerial working platforms. The nonprofit CAN in Automation (CiA) users' and manufacturers' group develops and maintains the CANopen specifications. In order to simplify system integration, CiA is going to develop dedicated CANopen profiles and recommended practices for cranes and lifting devices. Already available are profiles for the communication between container handling devices and spreaders (CiA 444 series). Under development is an interface recommended practice for truck-mounted cranes (CiA 850) standardizing the interface between truck and crane.

The next profile developments will standardize interfaces for aerial working platform applications (CiA 851). This includes device profiles for overload protection and operator (seat) sub-systems as well as recommended practices for already existing profiles (remote I/O panels, hydraulic components, etc.). CiA calls for experts to participate in this standardization activity. In particular, machine builders are needed. They should influence the standardization, so that the CANopen profiles to be developed meet their system requirements.

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