Monday 17 May 2010

How's oil doing?

This past month (April/May 2010) when oil is mentioned, people naturally think of the tragic ecological disaster slowly unfolding on the Gulf of Mexico. However even as millions are being spent trying to save the beachs and wetlands of the Southern US shoreline we are continuing to use the stuff in our cars, homes and industrial processes. It is the very lifeblood of modern life.

Dr Jesse Yoder
of Flow Research has published a Worldflow Flash Report called “Crude Up and Down, but Mostly Holds above $80." The report looks at the price of crude oil over the past year, and especially over the past two months. The Flash Report, dated May 12, 2010, places the price of crude oil in the context of worldwide supply and demand. Flash Reports are part of their Worldflow Monitoring Service.

The Flash Report on Oil Prices is provided as part of their Worldflow Monitoring Service, which was started in 2002. This service consists of two publications: the Market Barometer and the Energy Monitor. The Market Barometer keeps you up-to-date on developments in the flowmeter industry on a quarterly basis. In every issue, they review each flowmeter technology and interpret changes, giving you the information and ideas you need to implement winning product strategies and make more informed decisions.

The Energy Monitor reports quarterly on the oil & gas, refining, power, and renewables industries. A section on New Projects in each issue provides details of new capital projects that instrumentation suppliers potentially can bid on. An “Issues and Perspectives” section provides market analysis of relevance to flowmeter suppliers and end-users. Flash Reports keep you aware of breaking news events in the industry. The Worldflow Monitoring Service provides vital information for anyone working in flow and instrumentation, and it is only available from Flow Research.

They are offering free trial subscriptions on the website.

They are working on quite a few new market studies, including a new edition of the very popular gas flowmeter study.

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