Wednesday 12 May 2010

Sanitary air augmented pressure regulator

Steriflow’s Mark 96 with air augmentation (AA) option offers the same line sizes, Cv choices, seats, great low droop characteristics, and stability of the standard, MK96, but with an advantage. By connecting an air pressure signal to the 1/4" FNPT dome fitting via an air regulator or I/P, the set point can be changed remotely by "sending an air signal instead of a technician".

The Mark 96AA gives users the ability to change pressure set points to any point in excess of the springs minimum set point (2 psi on a 3/4" - 1" Mark 96; 10 psi on a 1-1/2" - 2", and 15 psi on a 3"). Users adjust the regulator's spring to the lowest set point, or to the lowest set pressure that the regulator will operate at (sterilization steam pressure for example). To achieve a higher pressure set point (CIP or WFI flush), air pressure is added to the regulator dome. To lower the set point to it's previous value, or to the springs manual set point, the pressure is reduced in the same manner.

Mark 96AA upgrade kits are available for Mark 96 regulators.

These valves are markr=eted in Ireland through Manotherm.

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