Monday 24 May 2010

Fast response pH probe

In response to a growing trend for water quality measurement in the field, YSI Hydrodata has launched a new Fast Response pH Probe, the YSI 6589 FR.

Compatible with YSI 556 multiparameter meters and all 6-Series sondes (except 600R and 600QS), it has been built with a signal conditioning amplifier internal to the probe allowing for faster response times in low ionic strength water; cold water; sampling AUV (autonomous underwater vehicles) and Data Flow applications. It is expected that the life of the pH sensors will also increase.

The 6589 Probe can be deployed on instruments that have been subjected to pH port connector contamination because it is immune to most of these issues, thereby avoiding expensive bulkhead replacement repairs.

YSI’s Ian Thompson said: “The speed of measurement can be greatly increased with the new pH Probe, which, combined with the avoidance of bulkhead replacements saves considerable operational time and costs.”

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