Wednesday 26 May 2010

Multitasking transducer!

Measure up to 16 pressure inputs simultaneously from your laptop!Ellison Sensors introduced the GS4200 USB Digital pressure transducer 3 years ago after identifying a need for a more flexible approach to pressure measurement. The latest development allows the user to measure up to 16 pressure inputs at the same time from just one PC, saving precious time and effort.

This is a unique product in its ability to measure, analyse and record pressure directly onto your PC or laptop. Power is provided from the USB port eliminating the need for further connections. Data is presented via the ESI-USB configurable software supplied with the transducer, and its instant connection with auto-detection will automatically configure with your computer. The fast sample rate enables dynamic pressures to be measured with up to 21 bit resolution, and it is available in pressure ranges from 0-500 bar and 0-3000 bar. The transducer is equipped with superior Silicon-on-Sapphire technology so the user is assured high accuracy and stability.

In identifying the needs of the customer, the natural course of the products development was to enable the user to measure multiple inputs all at once, instantaneously. Having to use multiple computers and endless connections is time consuming and inefficient. For customers like the British Geological Survey for example, the ESI USB transducer with 16 inputs will be an invaluable tool. The main difficulty at the moment arises when trying to monitor several transducers at the same time. ‘The problem is that we currently have to have several transducer windows open at the same time. With a small computer screen this means we can only see the topmost transducer information’ said Dr. Chris Rochelle of the British Geological Survey. ‘A single transducer window on the screen that could display the pressure status of a number off experiments at the same time would allow us to see all their pressures at a glance, and hence better monitor their progress.'

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