Monday 24 May 2010

Free DMM offer!

Fluke offers free DMM with ScopeMeter

For a limited period, Fluke is offering a free Fluke 233 Remote Display Multimeter to purchasers of a new Fluke 190C/215C/225C Series ScopeMeter®. A high performance, handheld, colour oscilloscope in the ScopeMeter series must be purchased by 31st July 2010 and the Fluke distributor’s invoice, with a voucher downloaded here , sent immediately to the address shown on the voucher. The Fluke 190C/215C/225C Series ScopeMeters feature high resolution colour displays and offer bandwidths up to 200MHz and sampling rates up to 2.5GS/s. The Fluke 233 Multimeter features a removable display which will operate wirelessly up to 10m from the point of measurement.

The Fluke 215C and 225C ScopeMeters are aimed at maintenance specialists who deal with industrial buses, networks and general electronics. They verify electrical signal quality on industrial buses including Profibus, Foundation, Modbus, CAN-bus, RS-485 and more. They offer easy signal quality validation of all the signal parameters, and feature floating and fully isolated inputs for true differential signal measurements. Like the Fluke 190C Series, the 225C and 215C offer a wide range of test capabilities including FFT analysis for identifying individual frequency components contained in a signal. The TrendPlot paperless recording function helps uncover long-term trends and shows changes in any of the measurable parameters (like the rise-time of a signal); the ScopeRecord function allows long records of waveform recordings to be made, over a period up to 48 hours; a 'Replay' function enables the user to take a closer look at any anomaly seen flashing by on the screen, by re-playing the last sequence of 100 screen images.

The Fluke 233 Remote Display Multimeter gives users ultimate flexibility in difficult test situations. By simply sliding the wireless display out of the meter body, the user can place the display where it is most easily seen, while putting the meter in the best position to take measurements. The radio transmitter automatically turns on when the display is removed from the meter and off when the display is re-attached. The removable display is magnetic and has a flat bottom, so it can be conveniently mounted or placed on a flat surface where it can easily be seen. The Fluke 233 provides measurements up to 1000V AC and DC and up to 10A for use in CAT IV 600V/CAT III 1000V working environments. It offers a 10,000 microF capacitance range, measures frequencies to 50kHz and captures min/max and average readings automatically. It also includes a built-in thermometer that enables users to take temperature readings easily without carrying a separate instrument.

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