Monday 24 May 2010

Melt pressure sensors on web!

Gefran launches dedicated website for IMPACT series melt pressure sensors

Gefran has launched a new dedicated website for its IMPACT series high temperature fluid pressure transducers and transmitters.

With product specifications and application information for plastics extrusion, injection moulding, blow forming and polymer production, the website covers the complete IMPACT range which is based on innovative MEMS technology to produce a fluid-free piezoresistive sensor capable of operation in high temperature environments of up to 350°C with exceptional durability.

Unlike conventional melt pressure sensors which use mercury or oil filling, the silicon on insulator (SOI) sensing element is suited to RohS compliant uses for medical and food industry plastics production, and as the process contact membrane can be up to 15 times thicker, a much improved resistance to dynamic pressures, increased resilience to abrasive materials and longer life is realised.

The website covers specifications for the five different sensor models available in the range. Users can select Voltage output, 4..20mA, or mV/V output transmitters for full scale pressures up to 1000 bar or 0-10V/CANopen transducers for pressures to 3000 bar. For explosive atmospheres an Ex rated version is also available.

The website also includes downloadable PDFs for further product information in addition to the electrical installation manual. IMPACT is the acronym for Innovative Melt Pressure ACcurate Transducer.
The IMPACT series features a separate signal conditioning unit and a 15-5 PH stainless steel isolation diaphragm with a GTP coating for optimum corrosion, abrasion and temperature resistance. A choice of both rigid and flexible stem lengths ensures straightforward installation.

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