Wednesday 13 January 2010


Background suppression photosensor offers two operating modes and best-of-breed range

New from Carlo Gavazzi is a diffuse photoelectric sensor extending the company’s background suppression technology out to long-range operation. The new PD112 offers one-touch switching between door mode for entrance control applications and industrial mode for standard applications like packaging, wrapping and material handling and timber processing.

Best-of-breed sensing distances are achieved through their advanced triangulation technology: the sensor can detect black objects at distances up to 2m away, and white or grey objects at up to 2.5m. Adjustment is fast and precise using the 28-turn potentiometer on the device’s front panel and users can fine-tune the sensor to detect targets at the desired distance, distinguishing them from reflective objects just a few millimetres beyond.

A truly innovative feature of the unit is the mode operation selection. Set to traditional industrial mode, the maximum operating frequency is 250Hz and detection is optimised for objects near to the background. This ensures optimal performance in general industry automation applications such as pallet wrapping machines, airport baggage conveyors, or wood handling and plank stacking machinery.

By making a simple dip switch selection, the instrument is switched to a door mode, which automatically optimises the performance of the sensor for detecting people and objects around automatic doors, from a position above the door/in the ceiling. Maximum operating frequency is set to 16.7Hz, adapting to the speed of moving people, and the test input – which evaluates sensor function by muting the emitter – is enabled for use by a door controller or PLC. This mode allows the sensor to be remotely tested by a door controller, ensuring the sensor complies with door industry safety standards.

The PD112 features many other innovations providing versatility and ease-of-use. Each model has both NPN and PNP output, which is automatically detected by the sensor when wired. Normally open or normally closed output can be selected via a dip switch and the sensor’s dual adjustable timers (1 – 16 seconds) for ON and OFF delay allow for a customised solution.

Packaging for the sensor comes in the form of a 112 x 45 x 25 mm strong polycarbonate (PC) housing, complementing a sophisticated mechanical design and a choice of cable connection or built-in M12 connector. IP67 rating and high power LED ensures excellent performance in harsh environments.

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