Thursday 14 January 2010

Temp control

Graphically displaying complete control for multi-loop temperature processes

Gefran’s new GF_LOOPER (Gefran Multiloop Controller) provides sophisticated multi-loop process control for 8- or 16-zone configurations in a compact and easy-to-use package. Aimed at precise temperature control in multi-zone furnaces, thermoformers, dryers, small extruders and “hot runner” injection press applications, the high performance controller includes intuitive graphics software for straightforward configuration and monitoring across the total multi-loop process. For complete flexibility, it may be used with all Geflex (GFX) series temperature and process controllers, GF_VEDO series operator panels via high-speed Modbus RTU communication or with backplane mounted Gilogik II series analog and digital I/O PLC modules.

The graphically programmed unit is available in a choice of 3.5” and 5.7” high-resolution TFT colour, ¼ VGA touch screens with IP65 front protection. Multiple screens designed for intuitive ‘no-manual’ programming include display of basic parameters on shared pages and complete details on individual pages for each zone. The uncomplicated yet powerful programming methodology includes the combination of tactile and ‘soft’ touch screen keys with numeric and alphanumeric symbols, ticks, icons and complete multilingual messages. Supervision and configuration pages are easily accessed via a fast menu system with preloaded application programs for 4- to 16-loop control included to simplify set-up.

The long list of programmable control parameters available includes PV, SP, output power, and alarms with advanced control algorithms providing management of process variables for ON/OFF, P, PI, PID, both heat or cool only and heat+cool. In addition, cooling can be set by specifying the type of fluid used and an integral auto tuning feature helps establish optimum PID parameters under all conditions.

The GF_LOOPER includes comprehensive active and historic alarms functions with programmable levels and clear message feedback with key or external reset. Recipes for work parameters for all zones provide quick and simple management of device setup and guarantees error-free operation at all times. For complete flexibility, the controller also includes self-tuning, softstart, sensor diagnostics, solid state actuator diagnostics, calendar functions, 4-level password, trend pages and comprehensive diagnostics. Data transfer of recipes and configuration parameters is also possible via a USB port key.

The instrument equally suits distributed or integrated control architectures with communication options including Ethernet, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, Profibus DP and USB.

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