Saturday 23 January 2010


Award winning software enhancement

InduSoft's powerful Human Machine Interface and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software now works with the latest versions of Microsoft Windows. InduSoft Web Studio (IWS) version 6.1 Service Pack 6 is fully compatible with Windows 7 (both 32 and 64-bit) and Windows Server 2008 R2.

Since its inception, InduSoft has developed its IWS product with broad Windows compatibility in mind. InduSoft Web Studio continues a powerful yet easy-to-use feature set across all current Microsoft operating systems. Everything from Windows CE, Windows Mobile, and Windows Embedded XP to most desktop (Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and now Windows 7) and server (Windows Server 2003 and now Windows Server 2008 R2) platforms is supported.

The company has also implemented many customer-requested improvements to IWS, including:
  • Improved Performance - The already optimized runtime engine for Windows CE and Windows Mobile is now even faster and supports a wider range of devices.
  • Flexible Licensing - IWS is the first Human Machine Interface software for Windows CE and Windows Mobile to support USB hard key licensing (when supported by the hardware platform), in addition to the already supported soft key licensing.
  • Share Data with Any SQL Relational Database - Support for Microsoft SQL Server CE 3.5 + Service Pack 1 as well as for the MySQL .Net Connectors.
  • Reporting Delight - PDF printing on 64-bit operating systems is now supported.
  • Exchange Knowledge Quickly - Send e-mail in almost any language using UNICODE text format.
  • Talk to Just About Anything - A new, custom serial driver (TxRx) allows users to transmit and receive hexadecimal codes to support both ASCII and non-ASCII protocols. If InduSoft doesn't have a built-in driver for a device, this driver will communicate simple streaming protocols used by devices like bar code readers, RFID devices, temperature controllers, actuators and custom embedded controllers.
  • Now in Japanese - The IWS development environment can be switched to a Japanese-based user interface, making it easier to develop and deploy Japanese-language applications. Users of IWS can already develop applications in any language, but InduSoft went a step further and implemented a Japanese language pack that allows them to experience the development environment in either English or Japanese.

InduSoft Web Studio v6.1 Service Pack 6 is available as a free upgrade for existing v6.1 customers on their website.

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