Friday 29 January 2010

German exhibition to highlight energy efficiency

The Exhibition Committee of the SENSOR+TEST and the Executive Board of the AMA Association for Sensor Technology have jointly decided to make energy efficiency the focal topic of the SENSOR+TEST trade fair this May. This will stress the special role that sensor and measuring technology plays in this future-oriented field. “Sensor and measuring technology contribute to energy efficiency in two ways: through products with a low energy consumption as well as by effectively preventing energy waste for numerous applications in practically all industries,” explains J. Achenbach, chairman of the Exhibition Committee.

Care in exploitation and handling of natural resources and the efficient use of energy are among the most important tasks for our future. This is due to the dwindling quantity of fossil fuels, high energy consumption in industrial countries and its sharp rise in developing countries, as well as the resulting impact on the environment. Besides having a low energy consumption, plants, machines, and products should not be limited in their productivity, safety, usability, or convenience. Sensor and measuring technology provides an important foundation for these objectives. For many applications, an increase in efficiency can only be implemented if exact, comprehensive, and real-time data about ambient conditions, operating states, and required parameters are available.

Due to the significance of sensor and measuring technology for energy efficiency, the SENSOR+TEST, to be held from 18 to 20 May 2010, will provide a suitable platform for this topic. Exhibitors, research institutes, and users will thus have the opportunity for a concentrated, pertinent exchange of ideas regarding this future-oriented field. A dedicated Efficiency Forum will enable exhibitors to present their novelties and solutions with posters. The forum can also be used by enterprises for low-cost table-top presentations without maintaining a stand of their own. On the first day of the fair, papers and podium discussions at the Exhibitor Forum in Hall 12 will revolve around the topic of energy efficiency. The organiser and the Exhibition Committee are convinced that many companies will make use of this opportunity to present their specific products and solutions here.

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