Thursday 21 January 2010

Into Africa!

Centre of excellence to support clients in North and Francaphone Africa

Invensys Operations Management has opened a new facility in Algiers (DZ), strengthening its commitment to clients in the North African market. The new location will serve as the company's regional sales and operations headquarters. It features an engineering excellence centre, modernised staging area, technology showcase centre and a training and customer support service centre, ensuring support to local project deployment.

Algeria is fundamental to world oil and gas markets as a major exporter of crude oil, piped natural gas, LNG and petroleum products, and it accounts for one-quarter of EU gas imports. Approximately 90 percent of the nation's crude oil exports go to Western Europe, with Italy as the main market followed by Germany and France.

Invensys has been very active in North Africa and the Middle East and is rapidly expanding in the region. "As a leading provider of industrial automation systems and services, Invensys recognizes Algeria's immense potential, especially in the oil and gas sectors. We are pleased to contribute to the nation's plans to invest and build effective and efficient systems for a sustainable future," said Teemu Tunkelo, president, Invensys Operations Management, Europe, Russia and Africa. "Our new facility will enable us to better serve our valued customers in Algeria and North Africa, leveraging our global organization's 100 years of experience providing innovation, technology and world-class automation solutions."
The expansion of Invensys Operations Management in Algeria also reflects the company's innovative approach to human resource management. Training local employees and those of its customers in advanced control engineering will help Algeria efficiently develop the country's oil and gas reserves while meeting sustainability targets.

"We are very optimistic about our future in Algeria, and we look forward to helping our clients drive real-time business and performance optimization," said Mohamed Hales, Invensys Operations Management's general director for Algeria. "Invensys aims to be the unquestioned industry leader by creating long-term success for our clients and their customers, and we remain committed to accelerating knowledge transfer programs that will contribute to Algeria's development and progress."

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