Wednesday 27 January 2010

Load versus displacement

A simple system

RDP Electronics can offer a combination of standard products to provide a simple-to-configure, cost effective system for plotting load versus displacement. Typical applications include materials testing, lifting platforms and vehicle testing.

By using two RDP E725 signal conditioning display units, data outputs from a load cell and from a displacement transducer such as an LVDT, can be combined to present a graphical display of stress over strain on a standard PC or lap top. The RS232 output of the E725 connects to a PC used in conjunction with Microsoft Excel® compatible free downloadable software.

Designed for use with a wide range of transducers including LVDT, strain gauge and internal in-line types, the E725 signal conditioner and display unit is suited for applications in manufacturing, process industries, test and research. The E725 incorporates signal conditioning for transducers, offers a clear 5 digit display, with fast peak and trough detection and limit trips shown by indicator lights and offers options such as relay outputs.

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