Friday 29 January 2010

Electronic loads and power supplies

StanTronic Instruments has announced that it has been appointed distributor for Maynuo Electronic in Great Britain, Ireland and Germany.

The Chinese company, Maynuo, specialises in the manufacture of programmable electronic loads and power supplies with an outstanding price/performance ratio.

Electronic loads are available in four different power rating configurations of 150/300 Watts, 600/1200 Watts, 1800/2400 Watts and 3600/6000 Watts. The units can be used in constant current (CC), constant voltage (CV), constant resistance (CR) and constant power (CW) mode and are very fast and precise. They are controlled either through buttons and a jog wheel on the front or through remote control for use in automated test systems. RS-232 is standard, RS-485, GPIB and USB are available as options.

Typical applications include automated production testing for power supplies, as well as engineering in the areas of automotive, aerospace and alternative energy industries.

The DC power supplies are also ideally suited for automated test because of their remote control capabilities (RS-232 standard, RS-485, GPIB and USB as options). Single output units with 0-6V/0-60A, 0-30V/0-20A, and 0-75V/0-8A offer an accuracy of load control of 0,01% +1mV/0,1mA and can also be used as a volt or milliohm meter.

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