Thursday 21 January 2010

Liquid level

Precision sensor “Off the Shelf”

The Gill Sensors ‘R-Series’ is a precision “off the shelf” liquid level sensor, developed for motorsport, military and industrial applications. The sensor has no moving parts, utilising advanced capacitive technology to accurately monitor the liquid level.

Compatible with fuel, oil, water and other specialist liquids, the R-Series liquid level sensor features an SAE 5-bolt flange mount as standard and is manufactured to the customer’s exact length requirement, avoiding the need for any mechanical adjustment by the customer. With fully integrated electronics producing a configurable 0-5V analogue output, the R-Series is an ideal ‘drop-in’ solution for most liquid level applications.

In addition to the standard sensor, the company has also introduced an ‘Rxl’ variant of the sensor for applications where a very long sensor is required. This variant of the R-Series utilises the same SAE 5-bolt mounting pattern but introduces additional mechanical strengthening features to support the longer probe. This sensor is ideal for industrial applications that require precision liquid level measurement of storage tanks up to 3m in depth.

With over ten years development experience in the field of capacitive liquid level measurement, Gill Sensors has quickly become a leader in the industry, with customers spanning top level motorsport, military and industrial applications.

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