Monday 11 January 2010

Energy management

Out-of-the-box application provides new visibility to help achieve energy efficiency

Wonderware Ireland has introduced the Wonderware Corporate Energy Management Application. The new application enables manufacturing and industrial automation customers to easily and quickly implement an energy management program and achieve sustainability goals. This application helps clients respond better to energy consumption challenges.

It allows users to monitor energy and detect and notify personnel of energy inefficiencies. It connects directly to meters on a network, through industrial controllers, and accepts manual entry via the company’s InTouch HMI and Mobile Collaboration Solutions. The application is layered on top of their System Platform, enabling integration with a wide range of applications, networks and I/O data sources. Application functionality includes recording consumption and demand at main and sub meters for a wide range of energy types, including power, water, chill, gas, air and steam. The application also associates production output to energy usage, providing the key performance indicators used in many sustainability programs. It can be quickly installed in a matter of days, and pre-built reports give managers, supervisors and workers new visibility and information on how energy is used within the operation.

With this application, companies are able to create a variety of energy consumption web reports based on time period, department, cost centre and operational events. Real-time views of energy consumption are provided by InTouch HMI, offering an overview of the real-time state of energy usage. With the Wonderware Corporate Energy Management Application, organisations can quickly meet business initiatives for energy reductions and resource management to achieve long-term sustainable results.

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