Thursday 7 January 2010

Interconnection solutions for industry

At Southern Electronics 2010 (10/11 February 2010), the Harting Technology Group will be featuring its broad range of electrical and electronics interconnection solutions. Their electronics assembly operation - Harting Integrated Solutions (HIS) - will also be demonstrating its backplane and sub-assembly capabilities

Harting produces a range of high-quality electronic interconnection solutions, including D-Sub, 2 mm metric, DIN 41612 and IDC types as well as MicroTCA card edge connectors that are capable of handling the high-speed and ultra-high-speed data rates employed in mobile telecommunications networks.

In the field of industrial connectors, the company is showing its industry-leading Han® heavy-duty connector family, which sets a worldwide standard for electrical connectors in sectors ranging from factory automation and machine manufacturing to transportation and wind energy. The Han® industrial connectors are supplemented by RJ industrial connectors and a wide range of Industrial Ethernet devices. Their industrial networking portfolio includes interfaces between industrial automation equipment and sensors and monitoring systems, communications within machines and control systems, and links between the industrial and office computing environments.

HARTING Integrated Solutions is featuring its electronics assembly capabilities, along with its expertise in project development, prototyping, test and evaluation. The company is an ISO9001 supplier, and its Northampton based manufacturing facility designs, manufactures and tests high-speed multi-layer backplanes and integrates them into card frames and enclosures.

Cable assemblies from simple ribbon to advanced wiring looms are also offered.

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