Friday 8 January 2010

Collaborative Process Automation Systems

This book conveys what control systems are really about, and lets you tap into the wealth of further functions presented by modern process control systems, that allow the safe, secure, and efficient operation of an automated plant.

Discussing topics such as engineering, security, enterprise connectivity, advanced process control, plant asset management, and operator efficiency, Collaborative Process Automation Systems discloses the significant benefits that can be realized by plant owners and operators when understanding the latest developments in industrial control systems.

The contributors who have written or reviewed chapters for this book come from many different countries. The compiler, Martin Hollender says, "I have always enjoyed this kind of international cooperation throughout my career. I'm very grateful to all colleagues who directly or indirectly contributed to this book and am especially honored that Dave Woll from ARC, one of the creators of the CPAS concept, has contributed a section defining the ARC CPAS vision."

In a preface to the book Professor Alexander Fay, of Helmut Schmidt University, Hamburg (D) says, "It not only conveys the overall picture of modern process control systems, but provides a thorough understanding of the functions that turned the “classical” distributed control system (DCS) into the so-called “Collaborative Process Automation System (CPAS).” It does not propose to deal with all the details but to stimulate further reading, for which it provides appropriate hints. Thus, this book is unique in focus and structure. I wish for this book the numerous interested readers that it deserves.

Collaborative Process Automation Systems
Martin Hollender; Publisher: ISA; ISBN 978-1-936007-10-3

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