Tuesday 12 January 2010

Condition monitoring

Participation in British maintenance event

With the growing awareness of the importance of condition monitoring of rotating machinery and especially that of electric motors, Whitelegg Machines have again invited Tim Thomas, Senior Engineer of Baker Instrument Company, to join them at Maintec 2010 (02- 04/03/2010) Tim will be able to bring his wide expertise to focus on visitors’ queries on the stand.

In addition Tim will be giving a Learn Shop presentation on aspects of Motor Condition Monitoring.

New system launch
As well as showing a range of instruments for on and off line testing and monitoring of electric motors, Whitelegg will be launching the new Online Motor Monitoring Network-Based System, the NetEP.

This is an automated system for the monitoring of electrical rotating equipment. The instrument will monitor 40+ parameters on up to 32 motors, and on up to 7 voltage busses. Benefits to the user include automated evaluation of critical assets from the convenience of your office or anywhere an internet connection is available. With the ability to monitor multiple motors simultaneously, this instrument will supply valuable data along with saving a tremendous amount of time in comparison with route-based instrumentation.

It will notify the user of alarm situations, maintain all database functionality and trend all data for enhanced analysis. Tests include power quality, rotor bar integrity, torque ripple, and transient analysis of motor start ups.

Whitelegg Machines Ltd are British and Ireland, Sales and Support Agents for Baker Instrument Company.

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