Tuesday 29 December 2009

Flight test

Airborne amplifiers for flight test applications

Endevco® has launched a new series of compact, lightweight, rugged airborne amplifiers, designed for use within demanding flight test applications.

Operating from an onboard aircraft DC-power source, these airborne amplifiers are designed for use with piezoelectric microphones and accelerometers. The 2680M-XXX is a charge amplifier, offering dual outputs, one biased and the other, unbiased, both of which are adjustable with a common gain control. Units are available with an optional low-pass filter. Endevco® model 2685V is a voltage amplifier for use with ISOTRON® (IEPE) accelerometers, providing a constant current power source to a transducer’s integral electronics, while maintaining a two-wire connection. The unique hybrid microcircuit construction of both the 2680M-XXX and 2685V series allow them to be offered in a rugged, compact package, with low power consumption. Units have an output voltage proportional to input acceleration or sound. Amplifier sensitivity is not significantly affected by input cable capacitance. Use of modular construction techniques permits great versatility in gain and filter choices.

Accelerometers recommended for use with the series 2680M-XXX and 2685V airborne amplifiers include model 7255A Pyrotron accelerometer; model 2271A/AM20 cryogenic accelerometer; the thru-bolt mounted model 2221F accelerometer, which recently commemorated its 6,000th successful field installation; and the model 2510 piezoelectric microphone.

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