Monday 7 December 2009

Tube auditor

Tube auditor with unique vision technology

RTS Life Science has launched its innovative Tube Auditor instrument. With units already on order from 3 of the top 10 pharma and a major US Biobank, the Tube Auditor features unique vision technology, allowing for fast and accurate volume measurement of samples, and is targeted at the Compound Management, High Throughput Screening and Bio-banking marketplace. RTS Life Science will unveil this new instrument on booth #644 at LabAutomation 2010 (Palm Springs, CA US from Jan 23-27, 2010 @ Booth 644).

The RTS Tube Auditor is a bench-top instrument suitable for manual operation or integration into automated systems. It enables fast and accurate measurement of sample volumes and, uniquely, the detection of precipitate in sample tubes. Its high speed vision technology allows a full 96-way SBS tube rack to be audited in less than 2 minutes. Unlike other automated solutions, the RTS Tube Auditor ensures complete sample safety and avoids the potential for sample degradation as there is no need to de-cap tubes during the auditing process.

During the show, RTS Life Science will be hosting a workshop in collaboration with Microsonics Systems. The workshop, entitled "See and Hear how Vision and Acoustic Technology Could save $$$ in Your Screening and Library Collection," will highlight how two complementary technologies can minimise poor quality screening and improve results by finding and then correcting solubility issues within compound libraries. With a focus on the new Tube Auditor and its innovative vision technology, and how Microsonics use ultrasonic energy to re-solubilise compounds, this workshop is sure to be of great interest.

In addition, RTS Life Science will present two new posters at the show. One of these posters, entitled "Improving Screening Results Using Vision Technology", will demonstrate the many benefits of using RTS vision technology to routinely and accurately audit sample tubes. These benefits include minimising costs from wasted screening of empty plate wells, and avoiding screening samples at the wrong concentration by early detection of precipitated samples. A competition will also take place on the booth where visitors will be able to estimate the volume of sample in a tube with the closest standing the chance to win an iPod touch.

With 25 years of experience delivering automation solutions, RTS Life Science is a major supplier of large scale sample storage and testing within the laboratory environment.

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