Wednesday 2 December 2009


ISA Announces New Chief Editor for InTech

The International Society of Automation is pleased to announce Bill Lydon, automation industry writer, analyst, and consultant, as the new chief editor of InTech, beginning January 2010. Lydon will lead the InTech editorial team and manage the strategy and content of the print, digital, and online versions of the magazine in collaboration with the InTech Editorial Advisory Board. He will draw from the expertise of ISA’s Members and leaders to focus on the most important automation industry news and trends, and provide unbiased coverage of the automation market. Subject-matter experts will develop stories and cover the important industry issues outlined in the 2010 InTech editorial calendar to meet the technical information needs of automation professionals around the world.

Lydon brings more than 10 years of writing and editing expertise to InTech, plus more than 25 years of experience designing and applying technology in the automation and controls industry. Lydon started his career as a designer of computer-based machine tool controls; in other positions, he applied programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and process control technology. In addition to working at various large companies (e.g., Sundstrand, Johnson Controls, and Wago), Lydon served a two-year stint as part of a five-person task group, where he designed controls, automation systems, and software for chiller and boiler plant optimization. He was also a product manager for a multimillion-dollar controls and automation product line and president of an industrial control software company.

“It is indeed fortunate that we have been able to have somebody as well qualified as Bill Lydon,”
said Vitor Finkel, ISA Publications Department vice president. “Here is somebody who has dirtied his hands, so to speak, with real instruments. Not only that, but he also has experience in designing automation software. He is one of those rare people with practical experience and the ability to write—the ideal person to be at the helm of the leading automation publication.”

“InTech,” says Lydon, “is the conduit for ISA Members to share their rich and valuable sources of knowledge to improve controls and automation effectiveness.”

Trained as a group problem-solving facilitator at the Creative Education Foundation, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, Lydon now facilitates groups to help them solve problems and identify opportunities. “I hold those people who work in controls and automation in the highest esteem,” comments Lydon, “and I believe their honorable professions are key to industry, society, and the environment.”

In addition to serving as chief editor of InTech, Lydon also will continue his independent editorial work with other companies, such as This arrangement further strengthens ISA’s newly announced partnership with to jointly publish several e-newsletters for InTech and subscribers.

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