Tuesday 8 December 2009

Flow simulation

Latest software release improves fluid flow networks for regulatory compliance

Invensys Operations Management has announced the newest release of the SimSci-Esscor® VISUAL FLOW fluid simulation software for the design and rating of flares and relief networks.

The VISUAL FLOW™ 5.3 software release enhances the overall robustness of the software and brings usability to the next level by integrating the solution with the SimSci-Esscor SIM4ME® Portal, and providing a Microsoft Excel® user interface for simulation. Linking with the SIM4ME Portal provides an added layer that enhances the return on investment in any model by extending its use to anyone who can use Excel spreadsheet software. The enhanced software not only improves the existing solver, it also adds four new solvers that the user can adapt to accurately model virtually any configuration in a plant. Regulatory compliance is enhanced by supporting Design Institute for Emergency Relief System (DIERS) guidelines.

"SimSci-Esscor VISUAL FLOW 5.3 enhances our existing offering, making it easier for our customers to achieve and utilize accurate information from their simulation models," said Joseph McMullen, product manager, Invensys Operations Management. "Enhancements to the solution algorithm and DIERS compliance bring VISUAL FLOW to the forefront of fluid flow simulation. Coupling the rigor of the VISUAL FLOW solution with the SIM4ME Portal provides tremendous value to our customers by extending the use of simulation without requiring any training - they simply use Microsoft Excel."

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