Tuesday 1 December 2009

Electronic controller

DIGISTART D2 and D3 electronic controller

This exceptionally compact solution offers total control over start-up and a response to energy saving requirements.

DIGISTART, the new electronic controller from LEROY-SOMER, part of Emerson Industrial Automation, for induction motors, integrates the latest technological changes including an optimized bypass function. Digistart is available in two ranges adapted to market requirements:
  • D2 range, 18 to 200 A: compact starters

  • D3 range, 23 to 1600 A: advanced controllers.

  • Economy and compactness
    Use of the bypass offers significant savings:
  • 4 % reduction in consumption at steady state,

  • no forced ventilation,

  • 1 to 2 ratings less for dimensioning purposes.

  • Its operating principle is as follows: the power electronics are used to perform start-up and thus limit the current draw of the induction motor Then it is shunted at the end of the starting phase by the internal bypass. The control electronics are still used to protect and control the motor up to the stopping phase.

    DIGISTART proposes this series bypass, thus enabling additional savings on the external contact and its implementation. The DIGISTART compactness considerably reduces the overall installation weight and volume.

    It is ideal for upgrading existing installations, and enables the linking of delta connection motors, which advantageously replace a star/delta start-up, and uses the 6 motor power supply cables. Additionally, this enables a saving of at least one rating size in controller dimensioning.

    The intuitive DIGISTART navigator enables simple adjustment of the current ranges or limitations. The operator has immediate access to preset configurations for the pumping, ventilation and conveying functions, etc..=.

    DIGISTART facilitates installation monitoring by enabling the user to:
      - access the time-dated log of failsafe actuation operations, events, consumption and operating conditions,
      - have traceability of parameter changes,
      - simulate operation by forcing the control-command,
      - view the input/output state,
      - manage reports on operating time, number of start-ups...
    DIGISTART can operate with 200-440 V, 200-575 V or 690 V three-phase networks. It can also control several induction motors coupled in parallel as well as a collector ring motor. Available on D3 (ratings 360 to 1600 A), the power inputs and outputs may be installed on request above and/or under the starter, according to the layout of cables in the cabinet. DIGISTART thus optimizes installation in the cabinet.
    The available field bus modules are: Modbus RTU, port USB, DeviceNet and Profibus.

    Perfectly mastered electronic control
    DIGISTART proposes the latest electronic control technology: start-up and stopping self-adapted to load, automatic optimization of parameters by machine learning from start-ups. It also includes a slow-down curve dedicated to pumping applications resulting from 15 years of LEROY-SOMER´s experience and know-how.
    The possibility of operating with only two operational power units, deactivation of protection to ensure forced operation (smoke extraction, fire pump...) makes DIGISTART the solution adapted to the requirements of sensitive installations.
    DIGISTART offers overall protection with:
      - permanent thermal modelling for maximum motor protection (even in case of power supply cut-off),
      - failsafe actuation operations, on adjustable power thresholds,
      - control of current phase imbalance
      - monitoring of motor temperature and the environment by CTP or PT 100,
      - and, optionally, failsafe actuation of the installation following earth faults as well as protection against network over- and under-voltages.

    With DIGISTART, LEROY-SOMER proposes compact, economic, high performance and communicating controllers, which are better integrated into industrial installations and enable substantial savings to be made.

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