Tuesday 22 December 2009

EMI solution

HMI-like ease of use
New EMI solution features best-in-class data analysis, presentation & reporting.

Wonderware Ireland part of SolutionsPT Limited – has announced Wonderware® Intelligence Software 1.0 solution. This new, easy-to-use enterprise manufacturing intelligence (EMI) solution enables customers to contextualise, aggregate and report both historian and operational data using role-based dashboards, presenting key performance indicators (KPIs) and real-time operational business metrics that are used to monitor, tune and optimise operations and supply chains.

This software transforms data and information from multiple sources into business intelligence by aggregating process and production data in real time and adding contextual elements, such as equipment, product, work orders, material and personnel. This information context enables end users to gain insights into the root causes of problems and understand how production events are related — another unique benefit.

The formatted information is saved and optimised for fast reporting and analysis, allowing end users to create and publish dashboards using the Wonderware Intelligence Analytics Client into a wide variety of web portals. Users can also configure customised metrics without programming. Additionally, the solution:

• Acquires data not only from the Wonderware family of products, including MES, InBatch™ and Historian, but also from external systems such as ERP, LIMS, PDM or even other execution systems and historians, to provide plant, multi-plant and corporate-wide views of operations and performance.
• Utilises best-in-class tools for rapidly creating and publishing dashboards that can be rendered in commonly used web platforms such as Microsoft SharePoint®, mySAP Enterprise Portal and Wonderware Information Server.
• Furthers investments in the core Wonderware products, leveraging System Platform’s Integrated Development Environment and services for configuration and deployment of the data model and allowing customers to incrementally add MES and EMI features and functionality easily and non-invasively.
• Is a cross-functional product, applicable to any industry or market segment

“This is a true EMI solution that allows customers to build once, deploy at multiple sites and enjoy corporate-wide visibility of their plant’s KPIs, even with disparate data sources. Dashboards can easily be created with drag-and-drop ease, enabling self-service access to information,” said Maryanne Steidinger, director of product marketing, Invensys Operations Management.

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