Saturday 5 December 2009

Hammering price!

Selected Modal Impact Hammers with ISOTRON® Impedance Converter
Hammer IEPE Output is Compatible with Most FFT analyzers and Data Acquisition Systems

Endevco Corporation has announced a 30% discount off list price on selected models of their most popular modal impact hammers. The hammers feature an ISOTRON® impedance converter that provides an IEPE-type output, compatible with most FFT analyzers and data acquisition systems, and are designed to properly excite structures in modal and structural analysis applications.

Use of modal impact hammers can be a portable and cost-effective means of providing controlled excitation to structures, while providing no undesirable mass loading to the structure under test. Scaled modal models also require precise force measurement, which can be achieved via a modal hammer fitted with a piezoelectric force transducer. In applications where a high crest factor and ability to shape the input force spectrum is of minimal concern, impact hammers are an ideal source of excitation. Endevco® modal hammers are designed to excite the test structure with a constant force over a frequency range of interest. In addition, certain selected models are acceleration compensated, to avoid spectrum glitches due to hammer structural resonances.

Endevco® model 2302 modal impact hammers are designed for the excitation of small to medium-sized structures. They feature an ergonomically designed handle grip, for optimized control and reduced possibility of “double hits” affecting measurement results. Model 2302 is also acceleration compensated, facilitating reduction of cancel/null and error input (glitches). It is offered in four different sensitivities and ranges, from 5 mV/lbf sensitivity/1000 lbf range (-5 version) to 100 mV/lbf/50 lbf range (-100 version), and includes replacement impact heads of various materials, for different bandwidth response, and a carrying case. Recommended for use with model 2302 is optional mass extender model EHM1653. Endevco® models 2303, 2304 and 2305 are designed for the excitation of larger structures, and feature a wooden handled sledgehammer design, with optional extender head to increase head mass.

They are offered in sensitivities of 1.0 mV/lbf, with range of 5000 lbf, and maximum force of 8000 lbf. Endevco® model 2303 one-pound and Endevco® model 2304 three-pound hammers are designed for exciting machinery, shafts, large beams, pipelines, storage tanks and other large structures. The 12-pound model 2305 hammer is used on bridges, buildings, decks and floors. Models 2303, 2304 and 2305 include four interchangeable tips, to help determine input pulse width, and thus bandwidth, along with carrying case. Endevco® models 4416B, 4990A (Oasis) and 133 signal conditioners are all recommended for use with modal hammers. The special 30% discount price applies to orders placed direct to the factory through December 31, 2009, and cannot be combined with any other discount or offer.

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