Saturday 12 December 2009

Chilled mirror

Drift-free precision is now portable

When a leading manufacturer of desiccant dryers decided that they needed a transportable chilled-mirror dew-point instrument to certify the functionality of their dehumidification systems, they turned to Michell Instruments for a solution.

The result is the Optidew Transportable, which combines the drift-free performance of the chilled mirror principle with the convenience of a transportable instrument. Housed in a specially-designed case, the instrument is both fully self-contained as well as small and light. For the client, having an instrument that was easily transportable was vital because of the range of situations where their dryers are installed.

Desiccant de-humidifiers create dry air which can be used in a variety of applications such as the leisure industry for swimming pools and sports halls, various utilities such as power stations and water treatment works, desiccant cooling for air conditioning systems or within the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries. The Optidew Transportable allows engineers to check the reliability of their installations over time, and give their customers peace of mind in their choice of dryer – whatever the application.

The Optidew dew-point hygrometer works on the proven, fundamental optical dew-point measurement principle, giving unmatched drift-free performance in the long term. It offers a wide measurement range from the equivalent of less than 0.5% up to 100% RH and measures dew points as dry as -40°Cdp at ambient temperatures. The portable version features a high definition alphanumeric display which shows the measured humidity, dew point, water activity, grams per kilogram and a number of other hygrometric units. The whole hygrometer is self-contained in a custom-built case for optimal protection and ease of use.

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