Thursday 17 December 2009

High speed data

Software adds new functionality to high-speed data-acquisition system

New software for the Yokogawa SL1000 high-speed data-acquisition system provides additional functionality including X-Y display and waveform accumulation capabilities.

In addition to the real-time X-Y display feature, which plots the relationship between two different input signals, the new acquisition software provides a 'mark' function which allows the user to attach an information label during measurement as well as an 'auto play' function for
zoom or history waveforms. In addition to the new accumulation display, a 'snapshot' function is also available that can be used to visually compare a reference signal with a new measurement.

Also included are improved file utility capabilities. It is now possible to save part of the captured data and convert files to binary or ASCII formats (with support for MATLAB).

The Yokogawa SL1000 is a modular PC-based data-acquisition unit designed to provide high-speed data logging and fast data transfer in electro-mechanical and power measurement applications. It can directly connect to popular sensors like thermocouples, accelerometers, strain gauges and tachometers. Featuring 100 MS/s sampling on 16 channels and isolated inputs for high-voltage measurements, the SL1000 is also equipped as standard with intuitive, easy-to-use logging and control software for quick start and set-up.

The new acquisition software and firmware for the SL1000 is now being shipped with all new products. For SL1000 units delivered before the 1st July 2009, a free update is now available from the Yokogawa Test & Measurement website.

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