Tuesday 1 December 2009

MCERT analysers

MCERTS approval for Rosemount® Analytical X-STREAM® in situ oxygen analysers

TÜV and MCERTS approvals enable operators to meet latest emission monitoring requirements
Emerson Process Management has gained UK MCERTS approval for its Rosemount® Analytical X-STREAM® range of zirconium oxide in situ oxygen analysers. The analysers are used to measure the residual oxygen remaining in the flue gases from any combustion process. The certificate was issued by Sira, who operate the MCERTS scheme in England and Wales on behalf of the Environment Agency.

The X-STREAM O2 analyser has been tested and found to comply with the Environment Agency’s performance standards for continuous on-line flue gas oxygen analysis. The MCERTS approvals cover the X-STREAM O2 Combustion Flue Gas Transmitter, which integrates an oxygen probe and field electronics into a single, compact package, and the single or dual-channel Xi enhanced interface unit, which is used for set up, calibration and service diagnostic functions.

In addition to the MCERTS certification, the X-STREAM O2 analyser has also gained TÜV approval, demonstrating QAL1 (Quality Assurance Level 1) compliance according to EN15267-3 and EN14181. In order to be granted TÜV and MCERTS approval, the measurement uncertainty of the emissions analyser must be established. This is achieved by undertaking performance testing in the laboratory and also three months of field trials. The testing process assesses factors such as accuracy, repeatability, linearity and long term stability.

The MCERTS scheme provides a framework within which environmental measurements can be made in accordance with the Agency's quality requirements. Cornerstone to this scheme is the confidence that the records submitted are from an instrument that is both accurate and reliable. Data from an instrument which has MCERTS approval will normally be accepted without any further evidence being required.

Performance certification for continuous emission monitoring applications is now a requirement for operators of certain regulated industrial processes, including large combustion plants. In Britain, MCERTS approved equipment is mandatory for these applications.

“Emerson is committed to ensuring that its products meet the latest industry standards,” said Gary O’Neill, Rosemount Analytical Business Manager, Emerson Process Management. “Using products with MCERTS approval ensures our customers meet strict environmental standards and allows operators to run their businesses in the most efficient way.”

The MCERTS scheme is formally recognised in England and Wales and accepted internationally. It provides instrument manufacturers with an independent authoritative endorsement of the practical performance of individual products.

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