Friday 11 December 2009


Motor, drive and power transmission publication focuses on answers

A new edition of Baldor Electric's magazine for motor, drive and power transmission engineers and users - Solutions - is available for download on their website. It contains numerous technical articles illustrating how electric motor, drive, power transmission and motion control technologies are being used to advantage.

Among the major articles in this issue is a review of the development work behind the launch of an innovative direct drive solution for commercial building water cooling tower fans. A case study of the new fan drive in use then provides a practical look at the technology's contribution to higher reliability and energy efficiency.

Other application-focused features include a look at a power-saving upgrade of drives that control a town's water tower pumps, a case study of an energy efficient motor upgrade at a foundry, and details of how adapter-mounted bearings and gear reducers are improving conveyor reliability at a quarry.

Solutions magazine may be downloaded from:

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