Friday 4 December 2009


More new functionality in geometric process control software delights users

Curvaceous Software Limited (Curvaceous), has launched Visual Explorer 2.5 (CVE 2.5) – the fifth major release of its Geometric Process Control (GPC) software this century. CVE 2.5 is designed to use existing data to deliver significant process improvements in a wide range of process plants – from oil refineries to pharmaceutical and chemical sites.

The only programme that lets you view hundreds of process variables and their alarm limits in a single graph, CVE 2.5 includes new features in Alarm Management, Process Stewardship and Production Reporting, Continuous Process Control, Process Analysis & Trouble-Shooting and Spectral Analyser Support for PAT.

One highlight of CVE2.5 is its unique Batch Process Analysis and Control feature which enables the analysis of multi-stage and multi-phase process data without the need to do any calculations or data manipulation.

Another highlight is Alarm Rationalisation & Management which has been wholly revolutionised in CVE 2.5 with new Consistent HiLo Alarm Limits & Alerts, which works from process history data rather than alarm log data. CVE 2.5 provides instant feedback on Annunciation Rates and Standing Alarm Counts and delivers minimum time savings of 20% to perform Alarm Review meetings as well as delivering ongoing reductions. Curvaceous won the EPSC Award for the invention of Consistent Alarms in 2003

Dr Robin Brooks, Managing Director of Curvaceous Software said: “CVE 2.5’s functionality and improved usability offers even greater insights and business efficiencies. It visually shows the Best Operating Envelope in every process so that plants can utilise their existing data to work at their best all of the time rather than just some of the time. We’re delighted by the response CVE 2.5 has already received throughout the oil and gas, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.”

The extensive CVE 2.5 User Guide includes 130 new pages of worked examples and tutorials and real-life Datasets are provided to assist working through examples.
CVE 2.5 is available from Curvaceous Software and its agents worldwide.

Curvaceous’ GPC technology mathematically unites for the first time the three key plant applications of process control, alarm management and quality control to achieve business objectives. It enables a user to see, understand and reduce variability in their processes and delivers significant cost savings and business efficiencies.

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