Friday 6 June 2014

Portable safe electric vehicle charging! #Transport

Not really instrumentation or process but we though it was a good idea.

EVconnectors has introduced an innovative portable charging lead featuring an advanced array of features ensuring safe and efficient e-charging. With charging rates from 6A to 16A and a full range of charging lead and wall plug options the EVSE is suitable for all vehicles and use across Europe.

The new Portable EVSE provides electric vehicle users with end-to-end safe e-charging. Starting with a “thermal” wall plug which prevents overheating and the risk of fire by reducing charge current under high load condition the EVSE is also fitted as standard with an RCD (residual current device), a PCP (protective cover presence) and PCM (protective cover monitor) to prevent electric shock and will shut down if it detects a dangerous voltage in the
protective conductor.

The EVSE features in-line thermal and power failure monitoring, a graphic touch panel with an LED display of charging status and 2 buttons to control ON, OFF/TEST and Programme Mode which allows manual control of maximum charging current. Waterproof to IP 55 the EVSE will operate over the temperature range -30 °C to +50 °C. A parameterization interface and integrated vehicle communication module (PWM) are also included as standard.

The EVconnectors EVSE safe e-charging system is available with Type 1 and Type 2 connectors and meets all relevant specifications including IEC 61 851-1:2001, IEC 62 196–1:2003, IEC 62 335 and ISO 6722. Customisation of the EVSE and carry case is available for OEM and Trade purchases.

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