Thursday 19 June 2014

Major donation of calibration announced!

Beamex, ISA’s Premier Strategic Partner for calibration, has donated to the International Society of Automation (ISA) a significant amount of calibration equipment, including multifunctional documenting calibrators and communicators, pressure pumps, and field temperature blocks, along with calibration management software.

Calibration management software
“ISA depends on companies like Beamex to provide the latest tools and software so that our training students around the globe can learn using real-world equipment,” says ISA Executive Director & CEO Patrick Gouhin. “Receiving donations like this one from the vendor community facilitates the best possible experience for the automation professionals engaged in our training, and we thank Beamex for their donation.”

Raimo Ahola,  CEO of Beamex Group commented, “ISA offers outstanding curriculum for automation professionals and we are proud to partner with them. Beamex appreciates the opportunity to provide educational tools for ISA students and give them the ability to learn accurate processes to collect, analyze and store calibration data through our integrated calibration solution.”

The donated assets will be used in a range of ISA's hands-on technical training courses for automation and control professionals, enabling them to become familiar with and utilize some of the most advanced, accurate and reliable calibration equipment in the marketplace.

He emphasises that Beamex is "the only company in the marketplace to offer this type of streamlined solution. We are at the forefront of an automation revolution. We’re developing the most robust equipment, combined with advanced calibration software, to perform calibrations, document and house data, as well as examine results.

“We will continue to be a pioneer of process improvement and education,” he continues. “One day, in the not so distant future, integrated calibration solutions will be the standard for all calibration processes. Every technician, experienced or new to the field, will need to understand these concepts to effectively and efficiently calibrate their instrumentation.”

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