Thursday 12 June 2014

Website for embedded design engineers!

A new website launch coincides with a landmark for Nohau UK – its 25-Year Anniversary.

This comprehensive website is designed to be an invaluable resource for Embedded Electronics Design Engineers and Purchasing Professionals. It’s very easy to navigate through the pages which provide detailed information on the company's main principals: Abatron; Frontline; ITTIA; IXXAT; Parasoft; ProfiShark; and Quadros Systems.

The new website also contains a wealth of useful information that will lead Embedded Engineers to an elegant and cost-effective solution to their latest design challenge.

The new website is divided into the following main sections:

Development Tools section – this covers Protocol Analysers for Bluetooth; CAN; Ethernet; USB and NFC. Also covered are JTAG/BDM products.

Hardware section – this details CANbus Bridge, Gateway and Repeater products. Serial Data Probes are also covered.

Software section – this includes RTOS; Database and Protocol Stack products.

Testing section – this covers EtherTest and Code Quality products.

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