Friday 13 June 2014

Compact, wireless, high performance pulse generator.

Quantum Composers® announced that they have officially begun shipping the new Emerald Series of Pulse and Delay Generators. With new smaller, faster, smarter technology this unit will have advanced specifications such as 5ps timing resolution, 15ps channel to channel jitter and low “Period Jitter” at <40ps RMS. This model also features incredibly compact packaging and Bluetooth wireless technology that was recently introduced to the industry by Quantum Composers engineers. Additionally, a new custom software application is included with the unit so that users can easily program their instrument using a simple graphical interface on their PC.

This is the third addition to the new line of compact, affordable units that feature easy programming combined with high precision specifications to create a whole new class of delay generators. These units have been designed to provide all the high end specifications and features necessary to compete with the industry leading Stanford Research Systems DG535 and DG645 Delay Generators. With their full set of programming modes and industry leading 2 year warranty, these units are expected to quickly become a staple for applications like LIDAR, LIBS, PIV and in many University Physics and Chemistry Labs. 

Will Bomar of Quantum Composers says, “These Digital Delay Generators have far more functionality than any other units in the marketplace.  The models full functionality offers a wide range of complex pulse trains that no other units in the market can perform.  Customers demanded a simple to use, more robust solution that can be reused again and again for different applications. 
“Our new line of pulse generators were designed to be plug and play solutions whose durability and broad features stand the test of any application.”

Quantum Composers is a leading manufacturer of digital delay generator and laser system technology since 1993. Founded in Bozeman, Montana, an already accelerating high tech center for electro-optic startups in the northern Rocky Mountain Region, Quantum has become an internationally recognized pioneer in the electro-optics marketplace. Their services feature the design and development of precision pulse generators and custom laser systems for micromachining applications.

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