Friday 20 June 2014

Self-contained binary gas analyser for fine control of hydrogen in heat treatment furnaces! #PAuto

Michell Instruments’ XTC601 binary gas analyzer ensures accurate control of levels of hydrogen in heat treatment furnaces during production of metal. With its small footprint, integrated display and interface, the XTC601 thermal conductivity analyzer is convenient to install and simple to use.

Unlike many similar analyzers, which act as blind transmitters and require a separate display to be installed, the XTC601’s built-in interface not only allows users to interrogate, configure and even calibrate the unit in situ, but offers this at a price which is comparable to a typical blind analyzer.

The heat treatment process involves controlling levels of hydrogen in a background of nitrogen at temperatures up to 980°C, with typical H2 ranges of 0-10%, 0-25% & 0-100%. The XTC601 has two mA output ranges available, one fixed over the maximum span and the other user configurable, for maximum flexibility.

The analyzer’s thermal conductivity sensor is non-depleting making the XTC601 highly cost-effective over its lifetime as it doesn’t need replacement sensors. With no consumables or moving parts to change, maintenance is minimal which also helps to keep costs down.

The XTC601 can be calibrated for many different gases, giving it a wide range of uses beyond heat treatment. The measured gases currently available are: carbon dioxide, methane, argon, helium, nitrogen, hydrogen and air, as either target or background gases. Other typical applications include industrial gas production, helium recovery and food processing.

• Mintchell products are marketed in Ireland by Instrument Technology.

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