Monday 30 June 2014

Test probe with integral position sensing system!

A new contact probe from Peak Test Services features a built-in position sensor system designed to provide an exact measurement of the distance travelled by the probe in contacting the test item.

Designed for measuring parameters such as pin lengths, component heights or the depth of drill holes in wire harnesses and connectors, the new PS 21/G Series incorporates a small integral potentiometer that is screwed together with the contact probe and the receptacle. When a voltage is applied, a 3-wire circuit acting as a potential divider provides either a voltage or a resistance that is linearly proportional to the travel of the probe and can thus be used by the test system to provide a distance measurement.

To take into account electrical and mechanical tolerances, the system needs to be calibrated to provide the exact plunger position. This can be achieved either by calculating the difference between to measurement values in relation to a reference position, or by using a special "golden device" as a reference.

Depending on the hardware and software of the test system, the measurement signal can be zeroed at user-defined positions. This method allows positive or negative deviations to be determined without the need to calculate the differences.

The sensor system has a measuring range from 0- to 5.2 mm, an accuracy of ±2% and a reproducibility of ±0.05 mm.

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