Thursday 26 June 2014

A family of annular load cells!

Applied Measurements have introduced the CCG family of annular load cells. These annular or donut load cells have been designed for the measurement of compressive forces, both continually and periodically, and are often used in critical bolted installations to monitor bolt tension. One major benefit is that the CCG annular load cells can be entirely customised to suit your specific application.

The CCG annular load cell is flexible in:
  • All dimensions – Fits into spaces which limit the use of other load cells. Our lowest height to date standing at a tiny 5mm tall!
  • IP rating – IP66 as standard, can be enhanced to IP68 for submersible applications.
  • Temperature range – Special options to suit up to 200˚C.
  • Capacity – Standard 0-12kN to 0-540kN, with ranges from 10kg up to 1000tonnes possible.
  • Application – Extreme heat, submersible, restricted space, marine, corrosive.
  • Accuracy – From 1.5% typical to 0.1% FSO (size and design dependent).
  • Electrical connection: Cable length, cable type, connectors, TEDS capability.

Instrumentation and amplifiers:
That’s not all, the superb adaptability of the CCG annular load cell enables them to be used with a wide variety of our instrumentation and amplifiers. When space is limited, the ICA miniature amplifier makes a perfect choice to use with the CCG low profile annular load cell. Both our SGA amplifiers and miniature ICA amplifiers can be supplied fully wired and calibrated.

Applied Measurements’ DSC-USB load cell interface can be supplied with the annular load cell. This interface converts the load cell’s signal into a digital USB input direct to your PC. By using the DSC-USB toolkit software, the data can be viewed and logged to excel for later analysis. Alternatively, Applied Measurements’ TR150 high resolution handheld indicator is suitable for monitoring high accuracy reference standards and allows for calibration of the CCG annular load cell in 2 different engineering units, with the added option of a RS232 serial data output.

Calibration services:
The CCG annular load cell and accompanying instrumentation can be supplied with a UKAS traceable calibration service within 6-8 weeks. If a full UKAS certification is required, this can be provided through our association with the appropriate UKAS-accredited laboratories.
This series of CCG annular load cells really do stand at the forefront of flexibility in design. So call us now to speak to our knowledgeable and friendly technical sales team on +44 (0) 118 981 7339 or email us at to begin your customisation.

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